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A Virtual Christmas Party? 2021 edition

We finally got the Cloud2020 team together for a Christmas photo! In Lego… 

Thanks to our friend Nick Catling, at Softwerx, we have a new, funky, festive Teams background this week! 

As an SMB with a team largely operating remotely, we have made the decision like many others this year not to have a traditional Christmas party. We are looking forward to getting together sometime in the New Year, when we hope that travelling will become easier and we will be able to enjoy each other’s company, without restrictions.

And we aren’t the only ones, We are seeing another year of virtual parties being showcased on LinkedIn, with the omicron variant raising fresh concerns about the pandemic just ahead of festive end-of-year celebrations. 

We don’t feel too much FOMO though. Instead of the usual festivities, we will be receiving a Wellness Day from Cloud2020 on Christmas Eve to do whatever we like! 

We would like to know, what are your plans for the office Christmas party this year? Share your thoughts with us below!

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