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Join the Cloud 2020 Partner Network

As a Cloud 2020 partner, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources, programs, tools and connections. Join our community and let’s grow together! 

Are you a Managed Service Provider or IT reseller?

Do your clients come to you with a Dynamics 365 requirement but that’s not your area of expertise?

We help our partners’ clients with their Dynamics 365 needs. We’ll never compete with you for your client and you don’t have to invest in new infrastructure or take on new staff.

You can focus on what you’re good at and leave Dynamics 365 to us in the knowledge that your clients are in safe hands whilst earning commission and creating recurring revenue opportunities for your own business. 

It’s a win/win.

3 Fears Partners Have


Fear of losing out! Bringing in another Partner, could mean that you lose your customers to them.


Fear of missing out! Fear of missing out on the revenue.


Fear of being found out! As a trusted partner of a customer, you are implementing a digital transformation but there comes a point where you haven’t got the skills to keep moving forward.