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Meet EvergreenWorx

EvergreenWorx helps businesses run on the Microsoft Power Platform with products, services and support. They're a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses looking to build on their digital transformation with the benefit of their Micosoft Stack

EvergreenWorx is a modular suite of applications built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Complete Back-end Automation Solutions

Our applications are built to solve common business challenges. No matter what department you happen to be in, EvergreenWorx has an app for you.

Plug-&-Play Functionality

EvergreenWorx Apps seamlessly integrate with each other. Getting started is easy and, with Power Platform’s 1,000 connectors, you can import data from almost anywhere.

Tailored To You

EvergreenWorx’s Power Platform architecture makes
it easy to customize any of our applications to your
workflow, data and security requirements. Let our
experts show you how. Contact us to learn more!

Ready to get started?

Our team is on hand to help you navigate your digital transformation. Book your free call below. 

EvergreenWorx Customers

The Data-rich, Highly Configurable CRM to grow your business

Selecting the right CRM is challenging.

CRMs help sales teams increase profit and
deliver excellent service. However, many
popular customer management systems have
problems of low user adoption, system
complexity, slow implementation, and awkward
workarounds for essential workflows. Your
business deserves a solution that works for it
instead of against it, without breaking the bank.


EvergreenWorx Customers

Leverages Microsoft’s Power
Platform to deliver user-friendly,
full-featured sales management.

EvergreenWorx Customers is a powerful,
affordable CRM that provides the tools you
need to grow your organisation’s revenue. It
offers full insight into sales processes, allowing
you to drive your business toward success.
Help your sales team close more deals, focus
on strategic goals, and optimise their client

EvergreenWorx Employees

The Data-rich, Highly Configurable CRM to grow your business

Successful employees mean a successful business.

Hiring and retaining great talent is the key component of successful organizations. But if staff can’t reliably access internal documentation, easily upload onboarding or evaluation forms, or request time off, businesses can suffer low morale and lost productivity. Implementing tools that fit into daily workflows lets employees comply with company mandates while maintaining a work/life balance, ensuring better productivity.


EvergreenWorx Employees is the convenient, effective way to manage your staff.

EvergreenWorx Employees is a streamlined, modular human capital management system that optimises your workforce. It allows users to approach HR task management strategically, ensuring better internal communication and higher employee satisfaction. This easy-to-use tool helps your team focus on key goals while keeping records accurate and organised.

Ready to get started?

Our team is on hand to help you navigate your digital transformation. Book your free call below.