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Asset Management for Dynamics 365

Many organisations struggle to manage their whole asset base in a single system. 365-AM is an Asset Management for Dynamics 365 solution which is built to manage ALL assets anywhere using real time data to give you up to date reporting.

Transform the way you think about Assets, empower your staff  and enable your business productivity with shared data.

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How can Asset Management for Dynamics 365 help you?

Cloud 2020 will help you see your data clearly with a customised Asset Management solution, tailored to your business.

365-AM is an Asset Management for Dynamics 365 application, designed by Asset Management professionals, built to increase efficiency and profitability of any organisation.


  • Reduce your downtime
  •  Reduce maintenance and operational costs
  • Track & Monitor Condition & Usage 
  • Real time data enables decisions on Replace or Repair
  • Extend lifecycle of asset


  • Increase quality and consistency of all business operations
  • Save time by removing inefficient practices
  • Tailored Reporting and Analytics for every level 
  • Improve business performance 


  • Keep your team accountable with Board level Dashboards 
  • Insight across the entire organisation of all company assets
  • Help managers deliver their daily responsibilities with Management Dashboards
  • Create safer working environments

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