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Why move to a HR Management for Dynamics platform?

There are a wealth of benefits to be reaped from moving your HR systems away from spreadsheets and printed forms to a cloud HR platform. With the best HR platforms, you can approve leave, automate repetitive HR tasks, manage reviews, and even prepare compensation for your payroll solution, all in one application.
Hubdrive’s HR Management for Dynamics 365  includes recruitment support, gives you a 360 °  view of your employees for their entire employment lifecycle, coupled with automation to dramatically improve the efficiency of your HR department.

Benefits of HR Management platform

  • Manage Leave
  • Recruitment support
  • Talent Management
  • Training Management
  • Compensation Preparation
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Gain improvements from the start

In other words, save you time and ensure happy staff!

Why Cloud2020 partners with Hubdrive and how we utilise best practice.

We partner with Hubdrive to deliver HR Management for Dynamics 365. By using their best practice processes, we are able to swiftly and cost-effectively support and implement your transition to a fully digital solution for HR. For businesses already using Dynamics 365, the solution is fully integrated within the rest of your Dynamics 365 products and can seamlessly use data from across platforms.  

Get your time back with automation & efficiencies

The simplicity of use combined with inbuilt automation work together to help you, your HR team, and your staff to reduce the time spent on HR admin. This increase in productivity can have a positive financial impact. Redirect your energy with your saved time to take on more worthwhile tasks such as Talent Management or organising Training needs identified from current Goals and Targets.

Manage leave requests 

Your staff members can manage their own leave and absence requests via the dedicated Employee Self Service portal.   This feature lets your colleagues and employees request time off for themselves from any device, at any time.  Leave Approval processes are built-in to the HR Management for Dynamics platform.  This allows you to get on with the work of monitoring leave patterns and spotting any issues using the built-in Bradford factor functionality

Automated and customisable tasks enable your colleagues to make sure that they have Out of Office messages set or that they have handed over key account information, this can even include reminders to make sure that someone else has the office keys whilst they are away!

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3 reasons you'll love working with us

Easily Add and Update New Starters​

Adding new employees is simple, just entering the new starter’s name, email address, phone number, and associating them with the correct Employment Terms template will ensure that all the leave and benefits are correct, right from the start, and whether they are fulltime, part-time, contracted or even working in another country.

Integrated Recruitment Processes

Simplify managing recruitment across departments and teams. From the initial application via one of the existing Recruitment Agencies or via your own dedicated Recruitment portal,  the integrated recruitment system allows multiple managers to comment approve or disqualify applicants. Adding notes and feedback to the application to support HR team’s search. This ensures you get a good match not only on skill and aptitude, but also personality with your existing team

Easy for your employees to use

Your staff expect the same advances in technology in business that they experience in their private life. This naturally includes the ability to access information via mobile devices, regardless of time and place. Hubdrive’s HR Management for Dynamics platform allows team members to request and approve leave via their device no matter what type or where they are – no more word docs and excel sheets for them to request leave or for you to track or find!

All safely stored in state-of-the-art cloud security from Microsoft

Ensuring you are GDPR compliant and your staff members data is held and managed securely is a top priority for HR departments. Rest assured in the knowledge that Data is held in secure Microsoft data centres and access to employees’ private data is managed by security levels and licensed functional roles. The solution is GDPR compliment and allows you to remove data at their request once they are no longer employees whilst maintaining reporting requirements.

How does the HR Management for Dynamics platform work?

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Don't just take our word for it

Read our case study to see how we helped Linch Pin LLC improve their HR and their Sales with our HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution

HR Management for Dynamics 365 

"Our expectations were met & exceeded by bringing on HR Management for Dynamics 365. One aspect which was excellent was the analytics function to show our staff’s educational position. This can be exported & used to showcase potential contractors, which has helped close sales/opportunities.” Simone Wood, Senior Analyst

"We saw improvements in our processes from Day 1 when we moved to HR Management for Dynamics” - HR Manager

“I can review and approve my colleagues' leave requests from any device, anywhere! This saves me time and enables me to stay in touch with what's happening for my team. They love getting their holiday approved so quickly” - Line Supervisor

Ready to up level your HR?​

Get in touch below and we can walk you through best practice gives you wins from day 1