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Charities top 3 IT fears

Nick Catling from Softwerx joins Ian Bourne & Wendy Clifford of Cloud 2020 in a live panel discussion on How Charities’ top 3 IT fears can be overcome with Microsoft’s tools. 

Research has shown that only 50% of charities have a digital strategy and only 9% have been through the digital transformation process and embedded it. The Charity Digital Skills Report revealed that 75% increase the digital skills in the sector would increase fundraising and 60% think it would help create better services.

How can charities can use digital transformation to support the fundraising efforts and the need to secure data?


Charities' top 3 IT fears

How Microsoft can help?

In this recording we talk about the 3 IT fears charities have and how to resolve them with Microsoft solutions. Securing and protecting data within a Charitable Organisation is key to continued survival, and Microsoft are here to help with their ‘Security Program for Nonprofits’

What are Charities top 3 IT fears? ​

Charities’ top 3 IT fears:

1. Cost

Embracing digital transformation requires work and funding. Charities are often faced with a challenge of embracing digital on a shoe-string budget. As a result, Charities find it difficult to procure the necessary materials, tools, platforms, and training to have an effective transition.

2. Security

One of the key challenges facing charities is the absence of transparency and the risk of fraud. According to a Charity Commission report, public trust in charities remains below pre-2014 levels, with an overall rating of just 6.2/10. One of the key elements that diminishes public trust is the absence of accountability and the potential of fraud.

3. User Adoption

A knowledge gap also presents a challenge. Many charities believe that embracing digital requires lots of expert knowledge and training – both of which are considered too costly, particularly among smaller charities.