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CRM for SMB?

Professional career women discuss a CRM solution to help transform their SMB

Why start your Digital Transformation journey

Research has shown that companies investing in digital transformation can expect to see increased revenues and profitability.  

Such fast growth is attributed to them being able to fulfil their desire to gain new customers and keep up with competitive pressures once they have a customer relationship management (CRM) solution in place.  

What does a CRM do for your Small or Medium Business?

Team collaboration is easy when you have one shared pool of data. Sales staff become much more productive when you replace spreadsheets, notes in outlook and notepads. Information can be shared securely across your business about leads, prospects, and customers. Enabling you to sell more, more easily than your competitors.  

How to choose your Cloud-based CRM


  • Does it integrate with your existing systems such as Microsoft’s Outlook, Excel, Word, Teams? 
  • Will it scale with you as you grow? 
  • Can it be customised to suit your business? 
  • Can you find support with onboarding and user adoption to make the most of your investment and achieve a quick ROI? 




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