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Our 2021 forecast – continuing Cloudy

Over the past year, we have all experienced the ways in which the Cloud has become invaluable asset in tackling the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result Cloud adoption accelerated much more than we could have predicted during 2020, and it looks set to continue.

Driven by the need to quickly expand capacity, increase flexibility, and generate cost efficiencies, last year was the wakeup call many businesses needed to realise the benefits of the Cloud.

We saw cloud technologies turn the world’s commuters into a digital workforce overnight, creating the need to quickly deliver the business tools and services necessary for day-to-day working remote, onsite or on-the-go.

Businesses that don’t opt for cloud-based solutions risk being left behind and losing out on the security and efficiency benefits that the Cloud can bring them.

Click the link below to see Ian Bourne and Wendy Clifford from Cloud 2020 discuss the 3 fears of moving to the Cloud and the benefits from conquering those fears.

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