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Is Dynamics 365 Sales suitable for the SME market?

Many people in the industry would be surprised that we believe that not only is Dynamics 365 suitable for the SME/SMC/SMB market but that we believe that it is a vital part of a growing businesses’ sales productivity tool box.

In fact 5 years ago we launched our original Springboard solution as an OOB solution focussed on the SMB/C/E market and this caused such interest at the time that our CEO Ian Bourne was invited to speak to a Microsoft audience in Seattle.

Times have moved on since then and we took the opportunity to speak about the hows, whats and whys of that in our recent Cloud 2020 Insight recording. In the link below you can hear Ian and Wendy chat about how SMEs need to look again at Dynamics 365 Sales and also hear how we have exciting news about our next product launch especially for this market next week!

As always we would love to hear your ideas and opinions about this. Feel free to drop us an email on or to reach out to Ian or Wendy on Linked in or Twitter.