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Consult Services 

Dynamics 365 Marketing: 3 Day Implementation

This 3 day Core Marketing Package will help your business to deploy, configure and set up Dynamics 365 Marketing to work for you and your business.

The core implementation of your Dynamics 365 Marketing solution will take place over 3 days. This Package includes: Activation of your Dynamics 365 Marketing solution. Core set up to cover Marketing Execution, Lead Management, Internet Marketing, and quick start templates.

2 Customer Journeys 2 Email Templates Social posts – 4 social media accounts of your organisation

Quick Start training on your Marketing solution to cover: 1 * hour training session to demonstrate Segmentation 1 * hour training to demonstrate Subscription Lists 1 * hour training to demonstrate Leads Scoring Model

Catalyst Envisioning for SMBs 2-hour Workshop

Envisage with one of our consultants how to generate productivity across the whole of your business using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platforms through the Catalyst IDEA Framework.

Envision your business with improved Sales Productivity and Customer Relationships

Working with one of our experienced consultants we will introduce you to the concept of Microsoft’s Catalyst IDEA framework, designed to invigorate your sales productivity coupled with the power of Customer Voice to generate effective understanding of your customers, of this process, and its value to your business.

It is widely agreed that good systems build great businesses, and this introductory session is the first step in that process. The IDEA framework will help you to plan and build out your business applications platform where it is needed, to remove friction within your systems.

Customer Voice enables you to uncover the customer sentiment, trends and metrics that matter to your customers so that any plans for the development of your business platform puts their needs at the centre.

From this session you will gain insight into the way the framework will support and empower all stakeholders when planning to achieve your business goals and the way that Customer Voice will provide the vital customer feedback necessary for the achievement of your business goals.

OK, so a lot to do in a two hour session I hear you say! However, we believe we can work through where you see current barriers to growth, possibly identify areas you haven’t yet thought about, and give you an initial map of where you might take this.

It’s an exciting journey, one that we have taken many businesses on, and one we get great satisfaction from. Customer Voice is a vital part of this methodology, enabling us to collect, analyse and track real-time feedback in a flexible feedback management solution. This workshop couples the strong framework of Catalyst with power of Customer Voice to generate a vision of the way forward for your business.

From small changes come large and sustainable benefits, contact us for your free 2 hour introductory workshop now so we can start your journey to improved customer