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Hubdrive HR Dynamics 365 Microsoft Powerplatform HR app

HR Software small Business

Are you looking for HR Management software that is suitable for your small business? Managing HR Systems Are you dealing with overwhelm in your HR department? Does it feel like you’re burdened with paperwork and overloaded with excel spreadsheets that run slowly or cause computer… Read More »HR Software small Business

Considering investing in a CRM solution? Here’s how to make it a dream and not a nightmare

For many organisations and their management teams, the mere mention of customer relationship management (CRM) inspires immediate fear and disillusionment. Far too numerous are the stories from companies across all industries about failed implementations, wasted money and time, and overly frustrated sales executives. It doesn’t have to be that way, according to a Forbes article… Read More »Considering investing in a CRM solution? Here’s how to make it a dream and not a nightmare

The show must go on!

In just under one week, we’ll be gathering virtually for Microsoft Inspire 2021, Microsoft’s largest Partner event of the year, which will take place from July 14-15th 2021 We’ll come together to strengthen our connections and build new ones, empower possibilities, and celebrate together. Throughout the event, Microsoft will discuss strategy, innovation, differentiation, growth and… Read More »The show must go on!

A new wave of Marketing

Delivering a superior experience will enable you to build stronger bonds with your customers, which, in turn will enable your sales staff to perform better and your business to grow.