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We want it on the Cloud, but not on the Internet!

We want it on the Cloud, but not on the Internet! What does this mean?  Is it even possible? 

We recently had this request from one of our reseller Partners on behalf of their client and thought that this was worth unpacking.  We understand that whilst most people now understand the cost and productivity benefits of Office 365, there are still conversations to be had around the value and opportunity of moving from on-prem to cloud-based Business Applications. 
From the conversations we have been having we have identified the following questions 
Can you trust your important data is safe in the Cloud? 
Is it secure, if it is on the internet can anyone else access my data? 
What are the benefits of being in the Cloud? 
We had this discussion with Oli Gardener, Vendor Partner Manager at intY, one of our Distribution Partners this morning and we wanted to share this conversation with you. 
Staying in your comfort zone is not without risk, here at Cloud 2020 we have the experience to help your move to the Cloud be as painless as possible.  We can’t wait to help you reap the benefits of moving from a static environment into a dynamic environment which is part of Microsoft’s trusted brand, security and familiar user experience 
To find out more watch our short video to hear Ian and Wendy discuss this topic by clicking this link 
For the full intY webinar  click here: IntY and Cloud 2020 Webinar: We want it in the Cloud but not on the Internet!