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Springboard – created for small businesses like yours

We all know that it’s easier and more profitable to sell additional services and products to existing customers.  To do that we need to be cultivating and nurturing our relationships with them regularly.  Growing a business can make this a task that never gets done as we chase new leads and opportunities.  This can lead to you losing connection with your original customers and missing out on easy sales and more revenue.

Organic business growth can lead to long-winded and manual processes that you know will not be sustainable when you win the big deals you are chasing.

Juggling these demands whilst chasing paperwork, manually adding products to quotes, processing them to orders, and running your business can be stressful and tiring!

What if you knew and could confirm that your colleagues and employees are following the sales processes you want to them to?

What if you knew everyone in your business was regularly in touch with the customers they are responsible for account managing?

What if you had a sales pipeline and key account management solution that was built around the kinds of challenges you are meeting everyday?

Imagine being enabled to spend more time using your hard won data, not searching for it!

Find out more as Ian Bourne and Wendy Clifford chat about Springboard in our Cloud 2020 Insights by clicking the link

Springboard provides:

  • A version to suit your business at whatever  stage it is at, from Start Up to Fully Fledged
  • Continued optimisation and support  in a monthly price
  • Fixed price, rapid deployment gets you up and running quickly
  • Affordable monthly licence and support subscription

Visit the Springboard Website: Springboard-Dynamics 365 Sales optimised for SMEs  and submit your details to find out more about our 5% off offer on deployment charges from now until the end of June