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Cloud2020 Carbon Neutral Challenge

Sustainability at Cloud2020

After South Coast Summit – A Microsoft Cloud Tech Conference, we considered the impact on the environment of large in person events. We want to think about sustainability and how we can make changes to reduce our impact.

Follow our journey to sustainability with the Cloud2020 Carbon Neutral Challenge. Lockdown had a hugely positive impact on the environment, now we are all getting back to normal life, we asked the question; can we use technology to help reduce our impact on the environment? What are the areas where we can make little changes? Where do we start? 

We are challenging ourselves to become carbon neutral. Ian, Wendy and Katie will be travelling from across the country to get to the Scottish Summit 2022. They will be trying to find the most efficient and kind to the environment way of getting there and back. Can we ever be completely carbon neutral? Let’s find out!

Even small business sustainability is highly achievable; it’s not just for bigger firms with more financial resources. Instead of maintaining the global problems that are going on today, getting involved in carbon offsets and projects to better the environment and climate change are what is necessary to thrive. 

These are steps to become more sustainable for any business:

1. Investigate sources of problems

2. Set tangible, measurable goals

3. Strive for a proactive future with regeneration

Keep up to date with our journey! Sustainability – Cloud2020

We are learning so much during this process and will share our knowledge along the way! Have you thought about the impact you are having on the environment? 


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