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Three fears that will stop you achieving your goals

Is fear holding you back?

This years Scottish Summit is fast approaching! Wendy and Katie will be speaking on Saturday 11th June, on the ‘Three fears that will stop you achieving your goals.

Join us to understand the 3 most common fears that get in the way of your personal and career goal… and what to do about them!

  • Fear of Shame 
  • Fear of Failure 
  • Fear of Rejection – check out the video below to see how Jia Jiang overcame his childhood fear of rejection.

This will be an introductory session to explore these topics with no expectation of previous knowledge.

We aim to provide you with more understanding about the fears, and how they affect us all.

We will also cover how understanding these fears will enable you to move past them and how to use this knowledge to help others to do so too.

There will be an opportunity for Q & A during the session.

We are looking forward to attending as many sessions as we can and see all of your lovely faces again! The Scottish Summit 2022 has a great line up!

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