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The Cloud2020 team are constantly on the look out for tools that will solve problems quickly, easily and cost effectively for clients. Crossware is a great example of just one of those tools.

Crossware Mail Signature software is fully-featured email signature application that can automatically add compliant, personalised and aesthetic signatures to all emails. This can include: disclaimers, logos, images and advertising banners that can be targeted to specific recipients.

As we all know, thousands of emails are sent every day, meaning it is more vital than ever to ensure that each email represents your brand effectively, as well as ensuring the appropriate contact details and legal information is included.

Check out this short video from Crossware to see the solution in action.



  • Worried that your team’s details are correct? 
    Crossware automatically pulls the most up-to-date details straight from your list of users in Office 365

  • Find it difficult to encourage your team to keep their signatures up to date?
    Or are you fed up with being pestered by the marketing team to change your signature when your brand changes even slightly? Crossware centralises the management of all signatures, ensuring your signatures are always on brand across departments and devices.

  • Want to ensure your signature includes all the relevant contact details?
    The tool will add the correct contact details straight from your Office365 account to every email, no matter which device it’s sent from.

  • Want to embrace BYOD, but have no control over the signatures on emails sent across devices?
    Email signatures with Crossware can be defined no matter which device the email is sent from: meaning no more unprofessional “sent from my iPhone”.

  • Keen to develop your social media channels? 
    Use Crossware to display links to all of your current social media networks.

  • Got something to shout about?
    Turn every email into an opportunity with a banner – why not advertise your latest event, white paper or achievement?

  • Keeping it legal
    With Crossware, specify a disclaimer message to be appended to all emails.

  • Want to catch your email recipients’ attention before they start to read the email?
    Add, and customise a header to suit your company or department.


How does it work?

Crossware Email Signature - How does it work?

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Crossware Mail Signature

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