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We enable businesses, organisations and people to achieve tangible benefits through implementing transformation technology.

This means we help your business:

run smoother

market better

drive sales

maintain customers

manage projects

monitor BI

Our Ethos



Our integrity is what sets us apart from our peers; we’re not afraid of turning down projects or suggesting other providers if that is most appropriate for your requirements.

The traditional supplier/customer relationship isn’t quite enough for us; we like to form partnerships with our clients and work with you – not simply for you, as your business grows, adapts and evolves.

Our approach is clearly valued by our customers, many of whom are loyal and comfortable with referring us to others.




The combination of our passion for; excellent customer service, technology, both current and emerging and helping clients succeed is what keeps our relationships strong and effective.

In turn, we like challenging clients. We ask ‘why?’ a lot – this helps us get under your businesses’ skin and see your company through the eyes of you and your team. It helps us understand your requirement and in turn it helps you get your project delivered successfully.



Our team is our secret weapon. All working from the same building allows us to respond to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently without unnecessary red tape.

Our diverse expertise means we have someone on hand to assist throughout the initial contact all the way through to delivering a project and offering post completion support.

This adaptability is why our customers come back time after time.

It’s all about the numbers…

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How we do it

The two main aspects for success are good people and the correct tools. To enable us to fulfill our customers' needs we leverage the tools within the Microsoft stack to deliver a reliable end to end solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our lead product enables almost any type of data to be stored, analysed, acted upon and reported.There are astonishing levels of sophistication that can be achieved with CRM and some of our examples include a complete events management package, university student tracking and management from enrollment to alumni, and advanced website integration.

Dynamics 365 for Financials

Financials is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business from wherever you are.

Microsoft Office 365

Supporting CRM and MDM is Microsoft’s Office 365. This includes the applications Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office. Together these provide a complete solution for email and document management, collaboration, communication and teamwork specifically designed to increase your users’ productivity.


Microsoft Power BI

Power BI can read data from an extensive range of sources, for example: Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Excel and SQL server, to provide advanced Business Intelligence, data manipulation and analysis. Using CRM, SharePoint and Excel you can analyse your business’ data to provide real-time insight into you how to develop and grow your organisation with natural language commands.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft’s powerful email application with advanced SPAM and virus filtering delivers enterprise level email management. Features include transport rules, automatic and unlimited archiving, shared and resource mailboxes and shared calendars. Exchange can be synchronised with CRM to allow automatic tracking of emails and synchronisation of calendar appointments, contacts and tasks.

Windows Azure

An extensive collection of virtual servers, web services, databases, storage all stored and used via the cloud.
Easy to use and licence it makes infrastructure maintenance a simple exercise. With many solutions quick to create, Azure makes migration of on premise applications, or the creation of new infrastructure in the cloud as simple as clicking a few buttons.

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Who we work with

Cloud2020 is a pure Microsoft partner – we believe passionately in all the products offered across the Microsoft Cloud stack as they deliver the most comprehensive set of capabilities to support the range of organisations we work with. As a managed Microsoft partner, we are privileged to have a close relationship with both the Dynamics CRM and Office 365 teams, meaning we have unrivalled access to leading support in the UK.

As well as Microsoft, Cloud2020 has worked hard to build relationships with a range of strategic partners with market-leading solutions or services that run alongside our own offerings – here’s who they are:


IAM Cloud

IAM Cloud is an innovative cloud-based identity management service hosted in Microsoft Azure – the platform helps companies manage authentication and user information intelligently, securely and at any scale.


proRM integrates with Dynamics CRM Online and works to optimise your project management once a deal is closed, complete with resource, Gantt, budget planning – all you need to deliver effectively to a client.



ClickDimensions is the highest-rated marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online including: email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture and surveys, subscription management and more.


XperiDo document creation and output management tool simplifies the way you create your day-to-day business documents from Microsoft Dynamics CRM making your professional communication: consistent, efficient and engaging.


Insights provides current and complete data, business insights and connections that arm your sales and marketing teams with the information they need to make every business interaction more relevant, valuable, and productive all from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

XperiDo Document Creation

The Number 1 Automatic Document Creation and Management Tool for Dynamics CRM

The Cloud2020 are so happy to be an Xperido Partner. constantly on the look out for tools that will solve problems quickly, easily and cost effectively for clients. The automatic generation of documents from Dynamics CRM was a key area for our clients and one that really provides huge efficiency gains in time and professionalism. For this function, we recommend: XperiDo 

XperiDo for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online is an easy-to-use tool that automates the creation of transactional documents: whether it be quotes, invoices, contracts, reports, letters, forms, the opportunities are countless. Documents can be created either on demand or via CRM workflows and saved in which ever format you wish. What’s more, XperiDo can automatically create tasks and e-mail activities along side CRM records, to keep track of interactions. Once created, the documents can be stored directly in Dynamics CRM or SharePoint and can be printed straight to any available printer.

In no time, XperiDo has become the number 1 document generation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is far more powerful than the standard Mail merge feature that comes out-of-the-box and is far less complex than other tools available on the market.


  • Find it difficult to encourage your team to keep their documents up-to-date?
    Or are you fed up with being pestered by the marketing team to change update your quote/proposal/order confirmation templates every time your brand changes even slightly? XperiDo centralises the management of all document, ensuring they are always on brand across and up-to-date across departments, locations and teams.

  • Want to cut down the amount of time your team spends creating documents?
    XperiDo generates documents with information from your CRM automatically in a matter of a couple of mouse clicks, saving time and potential room for human error when creating complicated documents, increasing efficiency and enabling your team to spend more time on closing more business.

  • Want to increase adoption of your CRM?
    XperiDo encourages CRM use by ensuring it’s the central point of reference. Tasks and activities can automatically be generated on creation of a document, cutting down admin-heavy activities and giving your team more time to focus.

  • Need to automatically generate documents without input from your team?
    Whether it’s a repeating invoice or a product update documents can be generated by XperiDo based on a range of triggers: regular monthly creations, when the status of a record changes

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Crossware Mail Signature

Leading Email Signature Management Software for Office 365


The Cloud2020 team are constantly on the look out for tools that will solve problems quickly, easily and cost effectively for clients. Crossware is a great example of just one of those tools.

Crossware Mail Signature software is fully-featured email signature application that can automatically add compliant, personalised and aesthetic signatures to all emails. This can include: disclaimers, logos, images and advertising banners that can be targeted to specific recipients.

As we all know, thousands of emails are sent every day, meaning it is more vital than ever to ensure that each email represents your brand effectively, as well as ensuring the appropriate contact details and legal information is included.

Check out this short video from Crossware to see the solution in action.



  • Worried that your team’s details are correct? 
    Crossware automatically pulls the most up-to-date details straight from your list of users in Office 365

  • Find it difficult to encourage your team to keep their signatures up to date?
    Or are you fed up with being pestered by the marketing team to change your signature when your brand changes even slightly? Crossware centralises the management of all signatures, ensuring your signatures are always on brand across departments and devices.

  • Want to ensure your signature includes all the relevant contact details?
    The tool will add the correct contact details straight from your Office365 account to every email, no matter which device it’s sent from.

  • Want to embrace BYOD, but have no control over the signatures on emails sent across devices?
    Email signatures with Crossware can be defined no matter which device the email is sent from: meaning no more unprofessional “sent from my iPhone”.

  • Keen to develop your social media channels? 
    Use Crossware to display links to all of your current social media networks.

  • Got something to shout about?
    Turn every email into an opportunity with a banner – why not advertise your latest event, white paper or achievement?

  • Keeping it legal
    With Crossware, specify a disclaimer message to be appended to all emails.

  • Want to catch your email recipients’ attention before they start to read the email?
    Add, and customise a header to suit your company or department.


How does it work?

Crossware Email Signature - How does it work?

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Crossware Mail Signature

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Your full business cycle is under control with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and proRM Business Solutions






The Cloud2020 team are so happy to be a ProRM Partner. We are constantly on the look out for tools that will solve problems quickly, easily and cost effectively for clients. Now you can optimize your project management by using the modular applications of proRM that integrate perfectly with MS Dynamics CRM. ProRM makes Project Management easy and your customers happier

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and proRM Business Solutions for Sales, Resource and Project Management is the best software solution for consultancy and service enterprises.

The complete solution covers all the processes revolved around your customers and creates a complete operating system. It increases your project management efficiency in the daily consultancy and service arena through targeted resource planning, and reduced project associated risks. You can have a complete overview of status, costs, and results for all projects in real-time, thanks to the intuitive and project-based tracking of time and expenses.


    Project Managers, because…


  • they have a constant view of the progression of all projects

  • their sales data, customer data, and project data are all fully synchronized

  • they can generate higher precision calculations and forecasts

  • they can immediately identify the best qualified potential team member

  • they can monitor milestones and make adjustments simply and effectively

  • they can view and evaluate everything in real-time

    The consultants on the ground, because…


  • their time logging is extremely fast and simple

  • they can record performance on the go thanks to Apps and Web-Clients

  • they can directly record travel and food expenses

  • they no longer need to switch between programs

  • they know exactly how long they require for specific tasks

  • they already know the structure and functions from their Office programs

  • with the help function and the proRM-Wiki they are never alone


    The sales team, because…


  • their customer data and project data are harmonized with one another

  • they can get an overview of all leads at any time

  • they can immediately identify opportunities for up and cross-selling

  • they record appointments, notes, and working times in a single software

  • they gain the ability to quickly and simply generate quotes and orders

  • they are always aware of project status

    The boss, because…


  • they can run their company with a single software suite

  • they are able to select the software modules that they require

  • their IT is streamlined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

  • their team works much more efficiently

  • they get more comprehensive company forecasting and cash flow planning

  • the delivered performance can be billed more accurately

  • they receive optimal advice from proMX – increasing the potential of success

    Your customer, because…


  • you provide consulting that is more targeted and more efficient

  • their project and service queries can be processed faster

  • they are able to follow the project status at any time

  • they are kept informed through clear analysis

  • the best team-member for the job is working for them





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